Centos 7 – bridge for KVM

nicubunu-RPG-map-symbols-stone-bridge-100pxI got a machine on which I wanted to try Centos 7 and KVM virtualization. As usual, I had to search for how to do a network bridge as it’s been quite long since I did it last time (on Centos 6). So these are the basic steps. First, dont’t forget to install bridge-utils while installing the KVM-related packages:

Now, this was the default config file for the network interface:

I had to change it to point to a bridge interface called bridge0.

And this is where the new network configuration goes. It’s probably worth mentioning that it’s been changed from DHPC to a static IP address:

and also that the GATEWAY has been moved to /etc/sysconfig/network.


you should be able to connect KVM VMs directly to the LAN.

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