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Gettext translations

Gettext is a great way to localize and internationalize (simply put, to translate) your (web)applications. It’s especially useful when you’re building a multi-language application because you can separate the code from the translation process effectively. all strings that need to

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Yii CRUD generator and plural forms

Yii framework has a really nice CRUD generator that can speed up building back-end applications, which tend to be rather similar and therefore repetitive. If you prepare reasonable taxonomy of the underlying database tables, it also manages the page headers

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MySql – get names of columns and put them in an array

Sometimes I need to get all the names of the columns in an sql table, most often to use the names of the columns as names of variables as it’s easier to use than simple $row[1], $row[2], etc. Let’s take

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Drag and drop to change position of elements

Long time ago, I was trying to figure out how to change position of items in a list. Let’s say there’s a list of product in an e-commerce solution and the user wants to choose what items go first and

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Kohana php framework – part 1.

Learning a framework seems to be inevitable.

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Maintaining mobile web content

This post is no official guideline but rather a log of steps I’m taking after having decided to build my sites in a more mobile device friendly¬†way and a compilation of sources generally available on the net (most links included).

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