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There was this website containing regularly updated content I wanted to follow. Unfortunately, they had no RSS feed available and I didn’t feel like checking on the website every now and then. Also, what I needed was just the posts

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I am no big fan of cloud solutions, mainly because I don’t like to entrust my data to people I don’t know. But like with any other tool, the cloud is still just a tool and it really depends on

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I ran into a peculiar problem while designing a website for my client. They had professional photos taken and I liked them very much, so I decided I would use them as a fixed background that would stretch to the

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If you need to change the editor that opens the crontab configuration, this is the way: env EDITOR=vim crontab -e

Ever wnated to have your external disk or USB stick encrypted? This is a way to get there on a Debian-based system using dm-crypt and LUKS. First, make sure dm-crypt module is loaded (see if /dev/mapper/ is present), and if

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My Skyrim assasin career so far

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Adding a secondary keyboard layout in LXDE proved to be tricky

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I ran across a problem when trying to run a program located in “Program Files” directory from within a Python application using os.system(). It was obvious that the problem was caused by the space character in the name of the

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Sometimes I need to get all the names of the columns in an sql table, most often to use the names of the columns as names of variables as it’s easier to use than simple $row[1], $row[2], etc. Let’s take

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comparison of IE 9, FF 4, and Chrome from the Javascript performance point of view

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