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Systemd problem

At home, I’ve been using rolling release of Debian for my desktop for quite some time. The good thing about it is that years go by and you need not worry about the end of life of this or that

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Hardware repairs

I’ve been tinkering with my computers ever since the days of ZX Spectrum, more or less. In the last eight years or so, however, people would come to me with their broken laptops and computers every now and then. It

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Skype in Docker

Although jabber is my preferred IM protocol, sometimes I have to communicate with people who, for some reason, only use Skype. On Debian, that can be quite a problem, supposing you are not particularly keen on weed infestation of your

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Change all tags to lowercase in VIM

Sometimes, you’ve got a whole chunk of HTML code that needs cleaning up a bit before you can use it. This week I got some materials in .doc format that had to be put on a website. There was so

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Flexibee accounting package

One of the few things I really do miss in Linux environment is a proper accounting software. About a year ago, I managed to convince a friend of mine who owns this local store to try Linux on his office computer. He took to

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Hello world!

Just started a new blog, my first one. I’d like to focus on topics related to my work like jQuery or mobile web content development that are not necessarily what I get paid for but that I like discovering. I