Skype in Docker

small_hAlthough jabber is my preferred IM protocol, sometimes I have to communicate with people who, for some reason, only use Skype. On Debian, that can be quite a problem, supposing you are not particularly keen on weed infestation of your system. One way to get Skype was to start a virtual machine with another operating system. That is a rather resource hungry solution for one application only, however. Last week I found a satisfactory solution – run Skype in a docker container. It was a double win as I finally discovered something to use docker for 🙂

The container keeps Skype away from my base operating system and at the same time it all takes less resources than a full VM. The fork of the original repo is here:

Funny things happen, though. Today, Microsoft announced they were going public with the web interface. Naturally, that is the best option they could provide.