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Debian buster and wake on lan

For quite some time, I used to have a low-end motherboard that didn’t support Wake on LAN. So when I left for work or holiday, I would usually leave my home PC on, because sometimes I just needed to access

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Raspberry Pi – analog output noise

I got Raspberry Pi 2 as a present from my brother. It’s a nice toy, I was trying out OpenELEC, it makes for a really nice home theater in combination with a NAS on local network. The only drawback was

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Scroll emulation with Trackman Marble in Debian 9

Spending a lot of time with mouse and keyboard, I decided I would give it a try with trackball. A friend lent me Logitech Trackman Marble for a week to see if I can get used to it. The one

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Systemd problem

At home, I’ve been using rolling release of Debian for my desktop for quite some time. The good thing about it is that years go by and you need not worry about the end of life of this or that

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Skype in Docker

Although jabber is my preferred IM protocol, sometimes I have to communicate with people who, for some reason, only use Skype. On Debian, that can be quite a problem, supposing you are not particularly keen on weed infestation of your

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Observium and SNMPv3

Some tasks you find yourself doing only once in a while, so they never stick in your memory for too long. Adding a new device to Observium (a great monitoring tool), and that device being off the premises, so it’s

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Broken MATE panel

Following an upgrade in Debian Jessie/testing, I was left with no panels at all after logging into the MATE desktop. Running dpkg -s mate-desktop, I saw that MATE had been changed to 1.8 from the previous 1.6 version. My first

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Delete huge amount of files in a directory

I had this peculiar problem – one of my virtual hosts had a custom tmp directory where sessions were stored and not deleted for a long time. When I found out, the number of files in there already posed a

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Conky and MATE problem

I found this lovely Conky script that I wanted to use for my MATE desktop.

However, it wouldn’t start automatically after logging in, see:

(this can be set in System -> Preferences -> Startup Applications) It would stay

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Encrypt partition with dm-crypt

Ever wnated to have your external disk or USB stick encrypted? This is a way to get there on a Debian-based system using dm-crypt and LUKS. First, make sure dm-crypt module is loaded (see if /dev/mapper/ is present), and if

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