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Spending a lot of time with mouse and keyboard, I decided I would give it a try with trackball. A friend lent me Logitech Trackman Marble for a week to see if I can get used to it. The one

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Following an upgrade in Debian Jessie/testing, I was left with no panels at all after logging into the MATE desktop. Running dpkg -s mate-desktop, I saw that MATE had been changed to 1.8 from the previous 1.6 version. My first

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I found this lovely Conky script that I wanted to use for my MATE desktop. conky -c .conky/conkyrc_orange However, it wouldn’t start automatically after logging in, see: user@machine:~$ cat .config/autostart/conky.desktop [Desktop Entry] Type=Application Exec=conky -c /home/user/.conky/conkyrc_orange Hidden=false X-MATE-Autostart-enabled=true Name[en_US]=conky Name=conky

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