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I ran into a┬áproblem with Apache on Centos 6. For some time, I was the only person who had access to this particular machine┬áso permissions were not a problem. However, now that somebody else is taking care of the website …

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Gettext is a great way to localize and internationalize (simply put, to translate) your (web)applications. It’s especially useful when you’re building a multi-language application because you can separate the code from the translation process effectively. all strings that need to …

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Yii framework has a really nice CRUD generator that can speed up building back-end applications, which tend to be rather similar and therefore repetitive. If you prepare reasonable taxonomy of the underlying database tables, it also manages the page headers …

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I’ve got this blog of mine where I log in every now and then, so whenever there is a new version of WordPress, I see the update reminder message. There is, however, over a dozen other blogs under my wings …

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I had this peculiar problem – one of my virtual hosts had a custom tmp directory where sessions were stored and not deleted for a long time. When I found out, the number of files in there already posed a …

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I ran into a peculiar problem while designing a website for my client. They had professional photos taken and I liked them very much, so I decided I would use them as a fixed background that would stretch to the …

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Sometimes I need to get all the names of the columns in an sql table, most often to use the names of the columns as names of variables as it’s easier to use than simple $row[1], $row[2], etc. Let’s take …

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comparison of IE 9, FF 4, and Chrome from the Javascript performance point of view

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