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Yet another game from the 90’s that I wanted to tick off as done. Here are a few screenshots:

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Lands of Lore (again)

Some time ago, I started playing Lands of Lore. Then I took a short break (for about five years 🙂 ) and now I happened to stumble across the saved games so I decided to go on again this Xmas.

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…some 18 years later.

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My Skyrim assasin career so far

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Half-life 2: Episode Two

To my great delight, I discovered that Half-life 2 is now available for something like 10 € nowadays. I know the game is quite old now, but I only played Episode One back then so I couldn’t resist to learn

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Lands of Lore

This has nothing to do with my work, but it’s related to computers anyway and life’s not work all the time, is it.

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