Image016…some 18 years later.

I really liked Daggerfall when it came out back in 1996. Like Arena, it was vast and the world was there for you to explore. Guilds, quests, houses and ships to strive for, spells to forge, just wonderful. But Daggerfall was also famous for dozens of irksome bugs and my English wasn’t good enough to follow the main plot, so I never finished the game. Now, nearly 18 years on, I played the game again. I know the graphics can’t compare to Skyrim, but the atmosphere is still superb and I was really curious about the later stages of the game. I do confess to using a walkthrough every now and then (after all there were fewer chores and more free time when I was young) but it was fun anyway and here are some screenshots from the last dungeon of the main plot line: