Weekend hobby – PC cleaning

This is a PC that belongs to my brother in law. He hasn’t been using it for over a year, ever since he switched to Mac, so he’d like to get rid of it. It has i5 (Sandy bridge) inside – not an high-end machine any more, but it can still serve as a decent workstation. I’m considering using it as my second PC, but maybe it will just go to ebay. Either way, it deserved some proper cleaning after years of service, because whatever you do, some places inside which are not easy to reach tend to collect dust over time. So:

  1. Take everything out, motherboard, chassis fans, all of it.
  2. You can see that places that are normally difficult to reach collect lots of dust.
  3. Clean everything, including careful cleaning of fan blades and such.
  4. Assemble everything back together.

So this is my weekend hobby. As good as new.