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I found this lovely Conky script that I wanted to use for my MATE desktop. conky -c .conky/conkyrc_orange However, it wouldn’t start automatically after logging in, see: user@machine:~$ cat .config/autostart/conky.desktop [Desktop Entry] Type=Application Exec=conky -c /home/user/.conky/conkyrc_orange Hidden=false X-MATE-Autostart-enabled=true Name[en_US]=conky Name=conky …

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If you need to change the editor that opens the crontab configuration, this is the way: env EDITOR=vim crontab -e

Ever wnated to have your external disk or USB stick encrypted? This is a way to get there on a Debian-based system using dm-crypt and LUKS. First, make sure dm-crypt module is loaded (see if /dev/mapper/ is present), and if …

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Adding a secondary keyboard layout in LXDE proved to be tricky

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I ran across a problem when trying to run a program located in “Program Files” directory from within a Python application using os.system(). It was obvious that the problem was caused by the space character in the name of the …

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It’s been a while since Debian 6 got released. Now I found some spare time to check it out. Before I get to installing it on my home server, I decided to have a peek using Virtualbox. At first I …

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I got a liveCD with Opensolaris from my brother today. I know he has been toying with it for some time now, but all I know about Opensolaris is that it’s based on Solaris by Sun, it is UNIX-like, supposedly …

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Sometimes, it happens that when I want to connect to one of my Debian machines over the vncviewer tool, I just can’t type in the password to unlock the screen.

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