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Conky and MATE problem

I found this lovely Conky script that I wanted to use for my MATE desktop.

However, it wouldn’t start automatically after logging in, see:

(this can be set in System -> Preferences -> Startup Applications) It would stay

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Debian 6 is out – testing in Virtualbox

It’s been a while since Debian 6 got released. Now I found some spare time to check it out. Before I get to installing it on my home server, I decided to have a peek using Virtualbox. At first I

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Flexibee accounting package

One of the few things I really do miss in Linux environment is a proper accounting software. About a year ago, I managed to convince a friend of mine who owns this local store to try Linux on his office computer. He took to

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Opensolaris – my first encounter

I got a liveCD with Opensolaris from my brother today. I know he has been toying with it for some time now, but all I know about Opensolaris is that it’s based on Solaris by Sun, it is UNIX-like, supposedly

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Ubuntu / Debian remote desktop problem

Sometimes, it happens that when I want to connect to one of my Debian machines over the vncviewer tool, I just can’t type in the password to unlock the screen.

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