Sometimes, it happens that when I want to connect to one of my Debian machines over the vncviewer tool, I just can’t type in the password to unlock the screen. Read more ›

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This post is no official guideline but rather a log of steps I’m taking after having decided to build my sites in a more mobile device friendly way and a compilation of sources generally available on the net (most links included).

Why serve mobile content?

Mobile web content. The big question for me was why bother at all? Optimizing websites for mobiles means extra costs and few of my clients even know it’s possible, so I’ve never faced a demand to consider any of my projects from the mobile point of view nor was I particularly worried about this issue myself.

This changed when I bought my first handheld device and discovered that with the exception of big players like BBC or Google, it was often frustrating to browse most of the regular websites out there. Naturally, I turned to my own websites to see how they were standing. Luckily for me, it’d always been my opinion that a website should be kept as simple as possible, using JS only as a supplementary feature and avoiding flash completely if possible, so I was glad to find out that I was able to view and navigate the bigger part of my websites. However, lots of things were pretty bad – above all the size of the page. Read more ›

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Just started a new blog, my first one. I’d like to focus on topics related to my work like jQuery or mobile web content development that are not necessarily what I get paid for but that I like discovering. I don’t expect my posts to be very frequent (nor particularly enlightening), but at the very least it will keep me updated on WordPress development, it was version 2.5 last time I installed WP and built custom plugins for someone, it’s 2.9 today.